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Preliminary Cooperation Agreements for the Branobel History Project

Preliminary Cooperation Agreements for the Branobel History Project are signed in Georgia with two new partners in March 2011. In conjunction with a Centre for Business History visit to Georgia, agreements were formalised with the National Archives of... Read more

Signing the grant agreement in Villa Petrolea: Philip Nobel (centre), founder of Nobel International Fraternity, shaking the hand of Bahram Atabeyli, Director of the Public Union for Azerbaijani-Scandinavian Cooperation, in the company of Togrul Bagirov a

Grant from Nobel International Fraternity

Initial steps for the digitalization of historical Branobel documents in Baku are sponsored by a grant from the Nobel International Fraternity. Read more: Branobel History Newsletter No. 3 About the grant Initial project activities to prepare for... Read more

The Nobel Family Society becomes a supporting partner in the Branobel History Project.

The Nobel Family Society is a private society with a mission: a)      To promote the feeling of kinship among its members; b)      To inform about and keep the family history alive; c)      To take care of the family’s interests; d)     To protect the... Read more