The Branobel History Website

This website is dedicated to presenting the history of the Branobel Company, in Russian ”Tovarishestvo Brat’ev Nobel”. The ambition is to follow the company from the creation of the first business idea by its founders in the early 1870’s and through its times of glory and to the final liquidation of the company in a formal sense in 1969.

Articles include a variety of topics within and around the company, with particular focus on eight themes: the company itself, the Nobel family, employees, places, products, distribution, innovations, and society.

Images have been taken from partner archives in Sweden, Azerbaijan and other countries. Listed and presented under Partners.

The website is linked to a searchable Database containing digital copies of the original historical documents, such as: company files, correspondence, private letters, personal diaries, pictures, books, documents, films, images.

Contents of this website will be updated regularly, and information about new acquisitions of archive materials and additions to the database will be posted periodically in the News section .

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