The Nobel Family Society is a private society with a mission:

a) To promote the feeling of kinship among its members;

b) To inform about and keep the family history alive;

c) To take care of the family’s interests;

d) To protect the reputation of the Nobel name.

The Nobel Family Society is formed by the descendants of Immanuel Nobel the younger, i.e. the father of Alfred, Ludvig, Robert and Emil Nobel. The first three of the aforementioned brothers were engaged from 1873 in establishing, financing and operating the Branobel oil company in Baku, Transcaucasia among other locations.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding, signed in May 2011 with the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, the Nobel Family Society declares its commitment to support the Branobel History Project wholeheartedly and to assist its mission whenever possible.

Immanuel Nobel

Immanuel Nobel

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