Branobel got off to a flying start and continued to develop throughout its operation. The technical and organisational competence that was built up made the company a leading actor on the world market.

Ludvig’s engineering works – the foundation of the Nobels’ success

After the Russian Revolution and his return to Sweden, the young Swedish engineer Anton Carlsund writes down his memories of his work at Ludvig Nobel's engineering works in St Petersburg. Through his reports, we find out, among other things, that it was orders from the Russian army that laid the foundation for Nobel's successes and travelling on the "Nobel wheel" was all the rage in St Petersburg.

The oil barons in Baku are forced to work together

The competition between the oil barons in Baku is tough and unrelenting for many years. At the same time, the area is, despite its riches, treated like a distant colony. Their desire to create better conditions and an effective city leads to the oil barons joining together in a committee. In 1892, this collaboration develops into a syndicate in order to deal with the competition from the American Standard Oil.

The Branobel company is formed

The heavy investments in oil extraction were capital-intensive. Robert and Ludvig Nobel needed more money to be able to continue their expansion. They consulted their younger brother, Alfred, in Paris, who suggested that they should form a limited company to bring in fresh capital to the business.

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