In the Dossor area, Ural Caspian Oil Corporation was the first oil company which also built oil pipes from the oil fields to the shore of the Caspian Sea. Yrjö Nenonen in the middle. The employees of the company represented many nationalities. The languag

Finnish know-how helped to pump Kazakh oil

Finnish know-how in engineering made a substantial contribution to pumping Kazakhstan oil in early 20th century and building the first oil pipelines from the Dossor field in western Kazakhstan to the north shore of the Caspian Sea. That made camel... Read more

In Villa Petrolea, the Scandinavian families could live protected from Baku’s weather and all the diseases that were rife in the city. Here, a group of children play on the villa’s veranda.

Villa Petrolea - an expensive oasis

A harsh climate and many diseases claimed victims among Branobel’s employees in Baku. In 1882, Ludvig Nobel decided to improve the conditions for the Northerners and started construction of Villa Petrolea – a residential district for the company’s... Read more

In 1884, Ludvig Nobel visited his paradise, Villa Petrolea, in Baku.

The dream of a small paradise...

On 24 September 1884, Ludvig Nobel writes a letter to his daughter, Anna. He is happy about the acclaim he has received for his own endeavours to create a good life for his employees in the "Villa Petrolia" residential suburb. But the water needed to... Read more

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