With their experiences and resources from the mechanical factory in St Petersburg, the Nobel brothers introduced new technology for extracting and refining oil. By organising the whole activity as one continuous system they were able to increase production while also reducing costs.

Transforming the oil business

Branobel was founded in 1879 and grew quickly due to the Nobel brothers’ willingness to develop all parts of the oil business like production, transportation and sale. At the end of the 19th century Branobel was among the eight biggest oil companies in the world.

The War over the oil market

In the middle of the 1880s, the battle for power over the world's oil markets between first and foremost, Branobel, the American Standard Oil and the French family the Rothschilds' company, BNITO, gets tougher. Agreements and treachery, bribes, industrial espionage, price wars, gossip and slander – every means available was used in the war over the oil market.

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