The Branobel Company

Branobel consolidated as conglomerate

Following Ludvig Nobel’s death, his sons Karl and Emanuel, who in practical matters had always been guided by their father, continued to succeed in transforming innovations in science and technology. Read more

The Fabegé clock made for Branobel for celebrating extraction of 1 billion pud crude oil. Foto Bukowskis Auktioner

1970 – a drawn-out liquidation process reaches its end

In 1970, 90 years after the foundation of the company and 50 years after its nationalisation, the end finally came. The remains of the huge oil empire had been managed, and reasonably protected, through two major wars. Ultimately, there were still asse... Read more

A born merchant from Moscow heads Branobel’s Moscow office

The Nobel Brothers’ Branobel had storage depots in virtually all the major cities of the Russian empire. Read more

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